The 1969 Camaro body was built to replace your sheet metal and lighten up your car the front clip was made to be able to run a factory grill and headlights.

The front clip includes front bumper and your choice of hoods 2,4, or 6 inch cowl. The front clip has three inch wheel opening returns and a built in flange for the hood. We are working on another front clip that has the grill and bumper molded into it and is extended that will look like the Pro Mod car but will fit on your steel bodied car on this front
clip you can have a lift off hood are all one piece clip on both of these front clips the hood will go all the way back to the windshield.

We also have the doors done they are made to fit on a steel body and will accept the factory hinges and latches they also have a flange built on them for the lexan window The front clip and doors are available in fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Fiberglass Front Clip $1550.00
Doors $800.00 a Pair